“New Years With Winters” has been taken offline for editing and rewriting to prepare for publication. If you still wish to read it, please visit the Wattpad edition here.

Thank you.

-J. Juno (August 2019)


a romantic comedy by J. Juno


STORY SUMMARY - One cold December night, Sappho does something quite extraordinary with Mr. Winters. He is exhilarated; but she is embarrassed.

The following day— throughout New Years Eve— Sappho prepares for hosting New Year's with their family in their home. Awkwardness (and innuendos) commence as her brother and father are expected to be there along with their sons. 

How will Sappho and Mr. Winters get through New Years without embarrassing themselves in front of their family? Will they be able to express themselves to each other without doing anything 'uncouth' in front of the children?

NYWW is an original story being developed, written and edited by J. Juno.


New Years With Winters can be read for free at Wattpad - Wattpad Edition

Listed below are weblinks to galleries featuring art from my stories.

bare -An original story that focuses on Sappho Höst and involves time travel. bare is meant to be a stand-alone tale that takes place before naked.

naked - a story that is meant to be a continuation of bare. and still focuses on Sappho Höst and Matthew Winters. Time travel will still be a plot device, as well as the them of the differences between the wealthy and the poor in America.

Potential - a fantasy/science fiction/adventure story about different characters learning to use their unique abilities to protect their worlds.

Web links to galleries hosted on Deviantart: bared, naked and Potential

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