Story Summary for naked: genesis

Sappho Höst is a young woman living in the fictional city of Athens, Tennessee in the southern states of the United States. It is the year 2000 and she is starting her adult life just as George W. Bush is elected president and the resulting political climate makes the future seem bleak.

Sappho has a feminist mind and is an outcast as a result. She wants to live like the men she looks up to but most southerners disapprove of this. The only person who accepts Sappho as she is is her widowed father. Sappho is pushed by everyone else to embrace her feminine side and live a traditional southern woman's life.

Her father dies suddenly and she is left on her own with no support from her family or community. They warn her to find a man to love and care for her, or else she will suffer poverty. But Sappho has other plans and is determined to remain independent. 

After some failed attempts at self-sufficiency, Sappho meets an old beggar woman who tells her about her good future. Sappho is impatient and wants to skip the upcoming years with their struggles and get started living her future now. Granting her wish, the old woman transports Sappho to the future in the late 2010s.

But the future is not what Sappho expected. 

Sappho wakes up lying naked on top of a strange man. This is her future husband? But he is all wrong. He is conservative, much older than her, and has a large body frame that both impresses and scares her. They have several children and live in a cozy southern cottage. But Sappho was hoping for a future of an exciting career. How did she end up as a wife and mother instead?

Eager to get away from her husband and this seemingly dull domestic life, Sappho blackmails her future teenage son, Jeremy, into helping her drive to Florida to meet her still living mother and get transported back to her own time. But will spending time with her son on this road trip change Sappho? Will she reevaluate what she wants and what really makes her happy?

Story Summary for naked: part I

Sappho Höst is not like most women. 

Despite being raised in tradition bound, conservative Tennessee, Sappho is a young woman with feminist and liberal ideals who refuses to submit to any man. Sappho has no desire to get married and would rather collect action figures than try to find Mr. Right. She lives in the city of Athens in the early 2000s and constantly annoys the local southern community with her unfeminine ways. She wears men's suits, smokes cannabis, and never wears makeup. The only person who accepts Sappho as she is is her father, who suddenly dies.

George W. Bush has just won the American presidential election and the resulting political and economic climate is turbulent. An exciting digital age is starting to emerge. But Sappho is focused on her place in the world after her father's death and tries to find ways to support herself. She joins a feminist organization, but isn't well received and treated with less respect than the more feminine members. Chatting online with a man she has never met is the only real friendship she has besides her pet rabbit.

Being broke and homeless after being evicted from her apartment, Sappho persuades the feminist organization to let her work under disguise as a man at a men's magazine, and write back to them about her experiences there for an article. Sappho has already come into conflict with the owner of the men's magazine, Matthew Winters. He supports conservative and traditional ideals about gender, and sees Sappho as an immature brat. When she starts working at his company, Matthew isn't fooled by her disguise and treats her like a secretary, having her make coffee while teasing her.

But there is another reason that Sappho wants to work at the company. Not long ago, Sappho had an experience where she was transported to the late 2010s and saw the future. There, she met her future family and her future husband, Matthew. 

Will she still end up with Matt despite her best efforts, or have a different future?

naked is being approached as a mix of comedy, romance, drama, time travel and slice of life. naked:genesis is a smaller story that relates to and takes place before the main story. naked:genesis will eventually be an online graphic novel meant for teens and adults (age 13 and up). The main naked story is meant to eventually be viewable online as a graphic novel for mature audiences (18+) and depict themes such as adult relationships, alcoholism, politics and cannabis use by characters.